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When it comes to preparing to work in the UK as a health professional, there isn’t much MediRecruit Directors Danielle Weedon (B. Physio), and Clare Jones (B Occ Thy) don’t know. Both have worked as a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist in the UK and have a unique understanding of the planning required.  They personally understand the excitement and questions that health professionals have when starting to plan their journey to work in the UK.

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Why choose MediRecruit?

At MediRecruit we build personal and professional rapport which has become the cornerstone of our company. We pride ourselves on doing recruitment the way it should be done, providing you with individual attention at all times. MediRecruit is also a proud partner of one of the UK’s leading healthcare recruitment providers. Our team can guide you through the entire process and help you find your ideal locum position.

Trying to deal with UK-based companies while still in Australia or New Zealand is a logistical headache. Based in Australia, MediRecruit will assist you in completing as much of the preparation process as possible before you depart, so you can enjoy your travels and minimise the stress of finding the right job when you arrive in the UK.

Prior to your departure, you will be referred to your specialist consultant who will liaise with you about final preparations and most importantly job opportunities in the UK. Your consultant will aim to offer you the choice of a variety of specialties and settings in which you would prefer to work, ranging from public and private hospitals to community placements, including physical, paediatric and mental health caseloads.

What will MediRecruit help with?

We recruit for the following professions:

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