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Why Therapists Should Attend the Source Kids Disability Expo 

source kids disability expo melbourne

The perfect opportunity for you to take the pulse of what’s out there in the market for kids, teens, and young adults with disability

Did you know that the Source Kids Melbourne Disability Expo is coming up soon? Stay informed about the latest products and resources that can enhance your practice and benefit your clients.  

Here are just a few reasons why you should attend this must-see event in the disability calendar:


So many providers under one roof! 

The Source Kids Disability Expo showcases over 150 product and service providers in the disability space offering a wide array of assistive technology and devices tailored to physical disabilities, sensory products for neurodiverse families, NDIS plan managers, therapy providers and so much more! Whatever your clients’ needs may be, you’ll be sure to find a provider of a product or service that helps them reach their goals. By attending, you’ll have the chance to explore cutting-edge mobility aids, communication tools, and other innovative products that can significantly enhance the independence and quality of life for your clients. 

Touch & feel, trials and exploration 

Over the course of two days, you’ll be able to engage in hands-on learning experiences with products you may have researched online or heard about. Examine up close, and try out mobility devices that may be difficult to view at other times. Many of the industry’s largest suppliers of mobility equipment will be present at the expo with a wide range of big-ticket equipment such as wheelchairs, standers and walkers on display. You could attend with clients or arrange to meet to take a look at options together.  

Ask questions and get answers in real time 

The experts on the equipment your clients’ need are right there in the hall with you so it’s the perfect time to dig deep and ask any questions you may have without having to wait for email replies! 

Specialised supports for neurodivergent clients 

If you work with autistic kids, teens or young adults, this expo is particularly valuable. The event includes sensory shopping and supports designed for individuals with sensory and behavioural challenges. From sensory-friendly clothing and therapeutic toys to calming environments, you’ll discover a variety of resources that can make a tangible difference in your therapy sessions. 

NDIS plan assistance and expert guidance 

Navigating the complexities of the NDIS can be daunting, both for you and your clients. At the Source Kids Disability Expo, you’ll find NDIS plan assistance from experts who can offer valuable insights and guidance.  

A great networking and development opportunity 

The expo provides a great opportunity for networking and professional development. You’ll have the chance to interact with fellow therapists, support organisations, and product experts. These connections can lead to collaborations, new ideas, and shared experiences that can enrich your practice and enhance your professional growth. 

Engaging activities and performances 

The expo isn’t just about information and products; it’s also about creating an enjoyable experience for all attendees. A line-up of performers will delight audiences of all ages, providing a fun and engaging backdrop to your day – perfect if you’re attending with clients.  

It’s free! 

The Source Kids Expo is FREE to attend, but tickets are essential. Secure your spot now

📆 Friday 5 July – 10am to 4pm  

📆 Saturday 6 July – 10am to 4pm  

📍 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


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