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Top Questions to Ask in an Allied Health Job Interview

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When you attend an allied health job interview you must gain a comprehensive understanding of the role, the team, the leadership, and the company culture so you can make an informed decision if it is the right role for you. Here are some questions to consider when you are undertaking an allied health job interview. Take them with you to work out whether or not the role is a good fit for your next career move! 

Position and Expectations

  • Why is this position open right now? 
  • What do you think sets the really great employees apart from the good ones in this role? 
  • What does a typical day look like in this job? 
  • What are the top three qualities someone needs to be successful here? 
  • How long does it usually take for someone to get fully up to speed? 
  • Is there a structured onboarding? If so, what can I expect?  
  • Are there KPIs and/ or billable hours and if so, what are they? 
  • Is there a gradual build-up of KPIs / caseload? If so, what can I expect? 

The Team

  • What size is the team I’ll be working with? Can you tell me a bit about their professional experience and personalities? 
  • Who would I report to and how often would we interact? 
  • Will I get to meet my potential manager or teammates during the job interview process? 
  • How would you describe the team dynamics? 
  • If I get the job, what is the induction process and will I have a supervisor to support me during this period? 


  • How would you describe your leadership style? 
  • If someone on the team has a problem, how do you usually handle it? 
  • How do you like to delegate tasks? 
  • How do you keep track of how everyone is doing? 
  • What should I know about you as a leader? 

Company Culture

  • How would you describe the company culture? 
  • What do you enjoy most about working here? 
  • What’s the most challenging part of working here according to your staff? 
  • Are there regular team building or social events?  
  • What makes people stay in their roles with your organisation? 

Training and Professional Development

  • What kind of professional development opportunities do you offer? 
  • If I get the job, is there any training I would need to do right away? 
  • What does the career path look like for someone in this role? 
  • How do you help your team members grow and develop professionally? 
  • How do you handle performance reviews? 

Next Steps in the Application Process

  • What’s the company’s vision for the next year, and how will this role contribute to that? 
  • What are the next steps in the interview process? 
  • What’s the timeline for making a decision, and when can I expect to hear back? 
  • Is there anything else you need from me to help with your decision? 
  • Is there anything else we haven’t covered that you think I should know about working here? 

Additional Questions to Consider

  • How does the company support work-life balance? 
  • What tools and technologies will I be using? 
  • What’s the company’s approach to remote work or flexible schedules? 
  • How does the company promote diversity and inclusion? 
  • Can you share some examples of how employees have advanced their careers here? 
  • Is there the opportunity to shadow a therapist before commencing in the role? 
  • Is there a bonus or commission structure? Can you please explain this to me? On average what bonus is the average employee making? When can I expect to make this after I commence in the role? 

These questions are designed to spark inspiration for you throughout your job interview process. Make sure you tailor them to suit the style of the interview (formal or informal) and your own priorities. It’s a good idea to write down your interview questions and have them prepared to ask at the end of the interview if they were not answered throughout.  Remember – at the end of the day the questions are to help you make an informed decision about the role and show you’re invested!

If you have any questions or would like to chat through your individual circumstances, contact Eleanor Dwyer – or call 0407 564 150.  Alternatively, you can view our current job opportunities.

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