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Time to Reflect on Your Business for EOFY?

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This year has been busy. We’ve begun to re-adjust to our new normal and like most of us, you’ve probably hit the ground running. Hard. You’ve made tweaks to your service offerings, implemented new systems and learnt some difficult lessons. Maybe you looked inwards and took that much needed vacation, invested in your own personal development or took the plunge and hired a staff member or two. You’ve worked incredibly hard to not only keep your business afloat, but to scale and grow it too. What a whirlwind! Let’s take this moment to pat ourselves on the back for all the effort we’ve put in this year so far. Running an Allied Health business is no easy feat! 

Have you had the chance to take a step back and ask yourself, “How am I really doing in my business?” Here at Nacre, we’d love to invite you to do just that. The good thing is, End Of Financial Year is the perfect time to take stock and gear ourselves up for the last half of the year (we can’t believe we’re saying “last half of the year” already!). 

What if we told you we have a clever little way to do all the hard yards of self-reflection for you? Well, queue your happy dance because it’s true! Kickstart your goal setting for the new financial year to truly and strategically map out the months ahead with Nacre’s Biz Quiz.  

It’s the perfect starting point to know exactly where you are standing as a company, as a manager, and as a team. We hear you, it’s not easy to identify the gaps in our business and the obstacles to our growth and success in order to set meaningful and achievable goals. You’re pretty busy, right? That’s why Cathy and her team have put the quiz through rigorous testing to ensure it is robust, accurate and as personalised as can be for you as an Allied Health business owner. You’ll get a customised report with actionable insights and recommendations you can implement straight away to start maximising the impact of your business. 

The quiz will go over areas such as strategy, marketing and service delivery, as well as pose meaningful questions so you can move forward today. Whether you want to look at it as an “EOFY” or “mid-year” reflection, the Biz Quiz is perfect all year round to get the holistic view of your business, so you can reflect and get cracking on some serious goal-setting. 

It’s free and takes less than 10 minutes!

Head to our website and get started today.


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