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Hireup: Disability Support Workers

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Hireup – Australia’s largest NDIS-registered online platform for disability support workers.

Hireup’s support workers assist people with disability all over Australia to achieve their goals. Hireup’s diverse workforce includes hundreds of Allied Health students across all major disciplines who are working as support workers while training to be allied health professionals. Many Hireup clients seek out these Allied Health students to work in between formal therapy appointments, supporting the implementation of their therapy plans.

Hireup sees incredible potential in support workers working in partnership with Allied Health therapists.

Speech Pathologist Laarni Wicks from Speech Pathology Consulting agrees. She writes:

“As a Speech Pathologist working with children and adults with disabilities over the past decade, I’ve always found myself drawn to working as part of allied health and education teams. I love the collaboration, learning from other disciplines and working towards common goals for clients.

This extends to working closely with support teams, which I find so beneficial in learning more about clients and gaining the bigger picture, from family members to carers to support coordinators to support workers.

In recent years, I’ve encountered more and more support workers who have accompanied clients to therapy sessions and it’s so encouraging to see their interest and involvement in such a salient part of their clients’ lives.

While it is one thing for clients to achieve therapy goals within the context of therapy sessions, which believe me is always celebrated, it is a completely different thing for them to generalise the skills and learning to their everyday lives and environments. This is one of the areas where I believe support workers are invaluable, because they support clients in day to day life and have so much opportunity to assist in the transfer of skills beyond the therapy context – whether it’s speech, occupational, physio, music or art, the list of therapies goes on.

Whether realised or not, support workers play a crucial role in the generalisation of therapy goals and achievement of functional outcomes for clients. I would encourage support workers and clients to recognise this as a significant aspect of the support worker role, and for therapists to consider how they can collaborate with support workers and involve them in therapy.”

We’re excited about what Hireup support workers can achieve working in partnership with Allied Health professionals.

Learn more about how Hireup support workers can work with your clients and book a free consultation with the Hireup team here

Write to Hireup on or read more about their approach to supplementing therapy here


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