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Four Steps to Better Treatment Plan Adherence

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Read on to discover how four proactive measures can transform your patient care and practice efficiency.

1. Build a Strong Foundation

Communicate Clearly & Simply

When discussing proposed treatment plans with patients, avoid complex terminology. It can be confusing and off-putting.

Build Trust

Build trust through transparency and demonstrating your knowledge and ability. Patients who believe in your expertise are more likely to adhere to a treatment plan.

Use Positive Language

Positive language is crucial in motivating and reassuring patients. It fosters a sense of capability and support.

2. Collaborative Treatment Planning

Establish Shared Goals

This begins with a dialogue where both practitioner and patient contribute to defining treatment goals.

Discuss the Steps of the Plan

Include specifics like appointment frequency and total number of appointments.

Address Possible Challenges

Be clear in your communication about possible challenges. Develop actionable steps patients can take to work around them. Always cover risk points for non-compliance so patients understand the consequences.

Manage Expectations

Focus on milestones you’re trying to achieve. Be willing to adjust your approach depending on whether or not something is working.

3. Address Disruptions to Treatment

Implement No-Show Fees

Implementing no-show fees is a practical strategy to prevent absences. It also compensates for lost time.

Communicate Practice Policies

Communicate policies at the beginning of treatment. Transparency helps maintain the patient-practitioner relationship.

4. Leverage Your Practice Management Software

Advanced practice management systems like Power Diary include templates, recurring appointments, automatic reminders, online payment options and more features to support treatment plan adherence.


  • Configure note templates for a consistent approach.
  • Improve communication and planning with checkboxes, fields and prompts.
  • Support adherence-oriented processes with careful attention to wording.

Recurring Appointments, Reminders and Pre-Payments

Practice Operations Manual

Power Diary includes an in-platform Practice Operations Manual to support the development of practice policies and procedures. It helps ensure that all team members understand their roles in patient care.

A proactive approach that emphasizes clear communication, collaborative treatment planning and effective practice management can significantly improve treatment plan adherence.

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