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Fast Five with MediRecruit’s Power Duo

Clare Jones and Danielle Weedon from MediRecruit

Recently Allied Magazine had a chat with MediRecruit’s fabulous founders – Danielle Weedon and Clare Jones. From working in the UK to becoming a recruitment power-duo, both Clare and Danielle share their experiences. Read below what they had to say!

1. Tell us about starting MediRecruit in 2001? What was the driving force?

Back in 2000 I worked as a locum Occupational Therapist in the UK and Ireland. Returning home I seized an opportunity to partner with a UK based locum recruitment company to establish an Australian based service that assists Allied Health Professionals with all the necessary preparations required to work in the UK. This marked the beginning of MediRecruit. Driven by demand MediRecruit’s range of services expanded and it wasn’t long before the company was well established in the recruitment of health professionals and doctors to roles in clinical health, occupational rehabilitation and healthcare device sales in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Clare and I joined forces in 2006 when I returned home after 6 years of living and working in the UK as a Physio and in Allied Health recruitment. Having similar career histories, we immediately recognised our skillsets were best positioned to grow MediRecruit by offering a career advisory service to health professionals looking to explore other opportunities to use their qualifications and clinical skillsets in different areas. While running a business with 6 children between us has definitely had its challenges, MediRecruit has gone from strength to strength in diverse job offerings to our candidates, best talent acquisition for our clients and being recognised as experts in our field.

2. Can you tell us about your experience working in the UK?

Undoubtedly working abroad was the highlight of my career as an Occupational Therapist. I worked in various locum roles in both public and private hospitals in Dublin and London. I lived with friends on ‘Shoot Up Hill’ in Kilburn, London, travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East and spent every cent I had on the ‘fun stuff’. Oh to be 25 again!

Following working my graduate Physio year at Royal Melbourne Hospital, I headed off to work in the UK. Enfield Hospital (Gen Med), Ealing Hospital (Pulmonary Rehab), Ealing Day Treatment Centre (Community), working as a locum broadened my skillset, allowed me to earn, save and travel in British pounds, helped me meet plenty of colourful characters and offered me the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe.

A turn of events and my final years working in the UK saw me move into Allied Health Locum recruitment placing Australian and New Zealand therapists into roles across the UK. A fun 4 years which solidified my passion for Healthcare recruitment and reminded me that my physio degree was a great platform for a new career path!

3. What can Allied Health Professionals do to make themselves stand out? What about uni students? What can they do now to set themselves up for future employment?

Be proactive in your university years and beyond. Get a part-time job related to your chosen profession. Volunteer. Attend conferences. Join your association. Network and connect. It’s currently a very competitive job market for graduate health professionals. You need to do all you can to put yourself ahead of the pack.

Maintain professionalism at all times. Network within your existing roles, university placements, referees, mentors. Still studying? Take the allied health assistant roles, or the roles aligned to health and disability support. Subscribe to your professional body (OTA, APA, SPA, DAA) as they offer mentoring programs and extra professional development opportunities. Also, remember that it’s never too early to connect with a specialist recruiter who will guide you along the way.

4. Can you tell us about your role with MediRecruit? Can you explain a bit more about the recruitment process? What can an Allied Health Professional expect?

The recruitment process is not something to be daunted by. At MediRecruit the process starts with career advice based on what’s most important to the candidate regarding their next career move. There’s a diverse range of career options available to AHPs some of which are left field and not often explored. We explore all options, pin point exactly what the candidate desires in their next role and take it from there. Personally, I like the first contact between a candidate and potential employer to be a short and informal conversation via phone. This allows both parties to assess the potential match before commencing a more formal interview process. From here our candidates are fully supported throughout the entire recruitment process involving formal interviewing, reference checking, negotiating a contract and commencing in a new role.

I always like to remind candidates and clients that any contact, correspondence and applications you make to MediRecruit remain confidential. Often the first point of contact is an informal phone conversation with me before you even decide to send through your CV so we’ll regularly work together over many months before securing you the exact role fitting all your requirements.

5. How can we get in touch with you? What’s the one piece of advice you have for anyone looking to start the recruitment process?

Get in touch! Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career or are simply in need of career advice I’m always happy to have a conversation. I can be contacted on 0402 367 899 or and please connect via LinkedIn.

It’s never too early to connect with a specialist recruiter! We maintain confidentiality at all times and partner with you along the way because you never know where your career will take you. Contact Clare on the details above, or myself or call 0437 483 364. It often happens that Clare and I end up chatting to you on conference call at the same time to workshop the advice you need all together!

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